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    • Rlease time: 2018 - 09 - 27
      Onthe morning of September 27, a delegation of 40 people from the Infrastructure Office of the Great Hall of the People visited Jinshanling Ronghe City and the National Anthem Square to organize the theme party and day activities. Liu Shuguang, the party secretary and vice president of the group, and Li Yakun, assistant to the president, were on behalf of the group and accompanied the whole process.Thedelegation held a solemn flag-raising ceremony and cross-country activities in the National Song Plaza, and visited the Ronghe City sand table in the Tiannashan Marketing Hall. Xu Hongtao, the marketing director, introduced the planning and overall layout of the Ronghe City project to the guests. Later, the delegation and the group tasted the special mountain house cuisine at the Peak Restaur...
    • Rlease time: 2018 - 09 - 27
      On the morning of September 27th, the theme of the first tourism culture festival of Luanping County, “Singing Jinshanling National Anthem to China” was held in Ronghe City·Internationale Plaza.100 new party members and 100 new members of Luanping County gathered in Ronghe City and National Anthem Square to raise the national flag and sing the national anthem with representatives from various circles of the society, to carry out the swearing in the group and join the party, encourage everyone to bear the oath, and use the actual action as the republic. 69th birthday gift.
    • Rlease time: 2018 - 09 - 04
      On September 3, 2018, the International Cycling Union visited Jinshanling Ronghe City.Theathletes of the more than 80 international bicycle alliances visited were from Belgium, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Australia, Russia, Sweden, Spain and other 19 countries around the world, 30 teams, including the top 100 UCI worldrankings. There are 13 people, 25 of the top 200 in the UCI world.TheRonghe City·The Peak Restaurant team provided thoughtful and meticulousservice and authentic specialty food for the delegation.
    • Rlease time: 2018 - 08 - 30
      On the afternoon of August 30, the first basketball game of Ronghe Group was kicked off at the Fuping County Gymnasium. The Ronghe City basketball team and the Zhangping Real Estate basketball team launched a fierce competition. When the whistle sounded the game, it entered a white heat. You rushed for me to grab it. You suddenly defended me, and the climax was repeated, and the score was staggered. Both teams have brave performances, and the game was once in a stalemate. After a difficult four-game match, the Pingping Real Estate basketball team won the final victory.Through this activity, the cultural life of employees was activated, the physical fitness of employees was enhanced, and the cohesiveness of the team was enhanced.
    • Rlease time: 2018 - 08 - 09
      On the morning of August 9, Gao Tiancheng, chairman of the Naked Group, led a team of four people to visit Jinshanling Ronghe City. Chairman and President of the Group Zhang Guojun, Vice President Li Shaoke, Dou Bingbing, Li Songting and Li Yakun, Director of the Office of Cultural Tourism, attended the reception and inspected the mineral water and Nandongpo with the delegation. The naked team fully affirmed and highly appraised the humanistic environment, project planning and future development of Ronghe City.After the inspection, the group of people tasted the special mountain cuisine in Yunding Restaurant and had a friendly and pleasant exchange.
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